Saturday, January 30, 2016

30-Jan-2016 23:36

US warship sails near island claimed by China in South China Sea - Reuters ::

Why Facebook is banning gun sales from site - Christian Science Monitor ::

Sri Lanka ex-leader's son arrested by financial crimes police - Reuters ::

Hillary Clinton: I'm a better candidate than I was in 2008 - CNN ::

Is the sun coming out for Marco Rubio in Iowa? - Washington Post ::

10 Children Among the Dead as a Migrant Boat Capsizes Off Turkey - New York Times ::

Citizen tipped police to jail escapees' stolen van in SF Whole Foods parking lot - Los Angeles Times ::

Turkey issues warning to Russia after new airspace violation - Washington Post ::

Two shot, one stabbed at Denver Coliseum, police say - Fox News ::

Zika virus infects more than 2100 pregnant Colombian women - CBS News ::

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