Thursday, January 28, 2016

28-Jan-2016 13:39

Ferguson police agree to overhaul policies, training - Washington Post ::

Widow of Illinois officer accused of assisting in scheme - Washington Post ::

Akira Amari, Japan's Economy Minister, Resigns Amid Scandal - New York Times ::

18, including 9 children, drown off the coast of Greece - The Boston Globe ::

Where was the FBI during the armed standoff in Oregon? Out of sight, but listening and watching - Los Angeles Times ::

How Trump and Cruz went from Ivy League to anti-establishment - CNN ::

Sweden to deport up to 80000 refugees - Fox News ::

Hamas says 7 of its militants killed in Gaza tunnel collapse - Albany Times Union ::

Remembering Challenger 30 Years After Disaster: Photos - Discovery News ::

Candidates' notable — and sometimes questionable — clothing choices on the campaign trail - Sioux City Journal ::

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