Friday, January 29, 2016

29-Jan-2016 23:12

4 Chinese miners rescued after 36 days underground - USA TODAY ::

Iran is showing off this new video to say it flew a drone over a US aircraft carrier - Washington Post ::

Attack on Shiite mosque in Saudi Arabia kills 3 - Fox News ::

Attorney says Chicago officer didn't tamper with dashcam - Washington Post ::

APNewsBreak: US declares 22 Clinton emails 'top secret' - Washington Post ::

Obama targets gender pay gap with plan to collect companies' salary data - Washington Post ::

Donald Trump on skipping Republican debate: "I took a chance" - CBS News ::

Syrian opposition to go to Geneva as peace talks open - Reuters ::

California jail escapee taken into custody; 2 still missing - CNN ::

Can genetically modified mosquitoes snuff out the Zika virus? - CBS News ::

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