Thursday, January 28, 2016

29-Jan-2016 01:51

Pentagons Progressive Revolution Adds More Maternity Leave - Daily Beast ::

Mystery of Sonic Booms Heard in South Jersey Solved - ::

Republican debate night begins; no one knows if Trump is in or out - Washington Post ::

Syria peace talks derailed as opposition stays away - Reuters ::

'Affluenza' teen Ethan Couch returns to US from Mexico - CNN ::

January 28, 2016 in News: Families, NASA honor fallen astronauts - Spaceflight Now ::

Zika Virus 'Spreading Explosively' in Americas, WHO Says - New York Times ::

California solar owners face new fees, utilities say costs should be higher - Los Angeles Times ::

Flint Water-Emergency Aid Is Sought by Senate Democrats - New York Times ::

Man Arrested at Disneyland Paris After Allegedly Carrying Guns and the Koran - People Magazine ::,,20983051,00.html

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