Monday, February 1, 2016

02-Feb-2016 00:24

Iowa caucuses: Donald Trump's moment of truth - CNN ::

Mother hears son's heart beat inside 4-year-old girl's chest - CBS News ::

Hollande And Castro: Plenty of Wine But No Democracy / 14ymedio, Yoani Sanchez - Huffington Post ::

Near Virginia Tech, a 13-year-old's online fantasies turn fatal - Washington Post ::

Police Say Chicago Homicides Climbed Dramatically in January - ABC News ::

The Mystery of Amtrak 188 - The Atlantic ::

Zika virus and microcephaly: Scientists investigate mystery of whether mosquito bite is responsible for brain defect - Washington Post ::

US General Calls 'Carpet Bombing' ISIS Against American Values - ABC News ::

The Dutch Are Training Eagles to Take Down Rogue Drones - ::

Orange County jail escapees may have fled to San Jose or Fresno, one fugitive has been captured - Los Angeles Times ::

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