Monday, February 1, 2016

02-Feb-2016 06:30

Feds to review San Francisco Police Department after fatal shooting - Los Angeles Times ::

Mother Hears Late Son's Heartbeat in Transplant Recipient - TIME ::

Chipotle probe by CDC concludes without source being found - Miami Herald ::

Concerns Over Social Media Link to Virginia Girl's Killing - New York Times ::

Cam Newton takes Peyton's 'Face of the NFL' prediction in stride - ESPN ::

The Latest: Honduras Declares Emergency to Fight Zika Virus - New York Times ::

Mike Huckabee ends 2016 presidential bid - Washington Post ::

Engineer in Philadelphia Amtrak derailment has only a vague memory of the crash - Los Angeles Times ::

Iowa Caucus: Cruz Victory Deals Setback to Donald Trump - New York Times ::

Police Say Chicago Homicides Climbed Dramatically in January - ABC News ::

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