Wednesday, February 3, 2016

03-Feb-2016 09:57

Yahoo to cut 1700 workers as company slims down - Los Angeles Times ::

LA County files criminal charges over Porter Ranch gas leak - Los Angeles Times ::

Blast blows hole in commercial plane over Somalia; 1 falls and dies - CNN ::

Health officials confirm sexually transmitted Zika case in Texas, first in US - Fox News ::

Japan military on alert over North Korea's planned rocket launch - Reuters ::

Report finds record number of US exonerations in 2015 - Chicago Tribune ::

Georgia executes 72-year-old inmate for 1979 killing during robbery - Fox News ::

Obama will make first visit of his presidency to a US mosque - USA TODAY ::

Bernie Sanders Says 'We Did Extraordinarily Well in Iowa,' Focuses on New Hampshire - ::

Tornadoes in the South; snow in Plains and Upper Midwest - SCNow ::

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