Wednesday, February 3, 2016

04-Feb-2016 00:11

King: US makes many murderers, as four out of 10 wrongfully convicted people were cleared of the crime in 2015 - New York Daily News ::

Zika primer: Guide to invasion of a mosquito virus that causes birth defects - USA TODAY ::

Rand Paul suspends presidential campaign - Washington Post ::

At Baltimore mosque, President Obama encourages US Muslims: 'You fit in here' - Washington Post ::

Lawmakers wrestle with who is responsible for Flint water crisis - Washington Post ::

UN halts Syria talks as government closes in on Aleppo - Reuters ::

He roams alone: El Jefe may be the last wild jaguar in the US - Los Angeles Times ::

Indicted Anti-Abortion Activist Offered Probation in Case - ABC News ::

Sumner Redstone resigns as CBS chairman; Viacom board to discuss succession Thursday - Los Angeles Times ::

Donald Trump Says Ted Cruz Stole Victory in Iowa Caucuses - New York Times ::

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