Wednesday, February 3, 2016

04-Feb-2016 07:18

America's only wild jaguar caught on video - Fox News ::

Pilot recounts blast on jet, emergency return to Mogadishu - CBS 8 San Diego ::

Judge rules Bill Cosby's sexual assault trial will proceed - Entertainment Weekly ::

Contraception Fell, Medicaid Births Went Up When Texas Defunded Planned Parenthood - ::

The Latest: Official Urges Americas to Spend More on Zika - New York Times ::

At mosque visit, Obama seeks to mend fences between Muslims and the West - Washington Post ::

Syria Peace Talks Are Suspended - New York Times ::

Myth-Busing: Seven Ways the Iowa Caucus Results Surprised the Pundits - ::

'Black Lives Matter' Activist DeRay Mckesson Files to Run For Baltimore Mayor - ::

WikiLeaks' Assange says to leave Ecuador embassy, accept arrest if loses UN case - Reuters ::

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