Friday, February 5, 2016

06-Feb-2016 04:02

Assange feels vindicated by UN panel ruling he's being 'arbitrarily detained' - CNN ::

CDC issues new safe-sex guidelines around Zika virus - CNN ::

Carly Fiorina Claims Some Of Her Rivals Lobbied To Keep Her Out Of The Debate - BuzzFeed News ::

How would Bernie Sanders deal with the world? - CNN ::

Disguised attackers kill 1, injure 2 at Dublin hotel - CNN ::

Barbara Bush Shuffles Through the Snow for Her Boy - Bloomberg ::

Twitter Steps Up Efforts to Thwart Terrorists' Tweets - New York Times ::

Syrian Forces Press Aleppo, Sending Thousands Fleeing - New York Times ::

At least 3 dead in 6.4-magnitude Taiwan earthquake - CBS News ::

Crane Collapse in Lower Manhattan Kills One Person - New York Times ::

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