Sunday, February 7, 2016

07-Feb-2016 21:43

For Peyton Manning, Super Bowl is personal test of will - USA TODAY ::

Rescuers in Taiwan pull out survivors from quake rubble - Sacramento Bee ::

Turkey at capacity as refugees flee Russian bombardment of Aleppo - USA TODAY ::

New Hampshire looming, 2016 hopefuls make their case - CNN ::

Marco Rubio Comes Back Swinging After Difficult Debate - New York Times ::

Professor, Christian college 'part ways' after controversy over head scarf - USA TODAY ::

North Korean rocket puts object into space, angers neighbors, US - Reuters ::

Teenage Twin Boys Killed, Six More Injured in Canadian Sledding Accident: Police - People Magazine ::

Iraq Says Planned Baghdad Wall Not Change Demographics - New York Times ::

Hamas Kills a Local Commander for Unnamed 'Violations' - New York Times ::

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