Sunday, February 7, 2016

08-Feb-2016 02:48

2 dead in shooting at Mississippi Mardi Gras parade - CBS News ::

Haiti postpones Carnival as president steps down amid unrest - Reuters ::

Nailed it! Lady Gaga's national anthem performance is total perfection - USA TODAY ::

Death toll from Taiwan quake hits 34, hunt on for survivors - Washington Post ::

Super Bowl 2016: At end of first quarter, it's Broncos 10 and Panthers zip - CNN ::

Pilot after Somalia emergency: Airplane security is "zero" - Post-Bulletin ::

Turkey at capacity as refugees flee Russian bombardment of Aleppo - USA TODAY ::

Why won't Clinton release the transcripts of those paid speeches? - Washington Post ::

Ahead of NH primary, questions for Rubio, Trump and Cruz - Washington Post ::

UN Security Council condemns North Korean rocket launch - CNN ::

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