Monday, February 8, 2016

09-Feb-2016 05:14

Cruise Ship Turns Around After Getting Rocked by Massive Storm: 'I Was Terrified' Passenger Says - People Magazine ::,,20985767,00.html

Bloomberg: I'm considering 2016 bid - CNN ::

Trump's flashy Granite State ground game - CNN ::

New Hampshire voters could reshape the presidential race in Tuesday's primary - Los Angeles Times ::

Feds Charge ISIS Widow in Americans Death but Wont Say Who Killed Her - Daily Beast ::

Marco Rubio Challenged on Opposition to Same-Sex Marriage - ::

US led the world with shark attacks in 2015 - CBS News ::

Peyton Manning "Budweiser" mention valued at $13.9M, but he wasn't paid - The Denver Post ::

Murder suspect recaptured after mistaken release in Los Angeles - CBS News ::

Hong Kong Sees Violent Start to Chinese New Year as Protesters Clash With Police - TIME ::

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