Thursday, February 11, 2016

11-Feb-2016 11:07

Donald Trump rolls into South Carolina as his supporters shout 'Amen!' - Washington Post ::

As Zika spreads, scientists race to learn more about virus - Sacramento Bee ::

Cleveland bills Tamir Rice's family for ambulance ride after cop shot him - CNN ::

A look at Japan's complex relationship with North Korea - Washington Post ::

Russia Proposes March 1 Ceasefire in Syria; US Wants It Now - New York Times ::

Justice Dept. Enters Ferguson Court Case in Strong Position - New York Times ::

Cliven Bundy arrested in Portland as Oregon occupiers say they will surrender Thursday - Washington Post ::

Cleanup in Train Crash Continues in Southern Germany - ABC News ::

At Least 69 Injured in Train Derailment in Egypt - ABC News ::

Fargo police officer shot during standoff has 'non-survivable' wound, chief says - Fox News ::

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