Thursday, February 11, 2016

11-Feb-2016 15:11

Female suicide bombers kill 58 in a Nigerian camp meant to be a safe haven - CNN ::

North Korea to expel S. Koreans from joint-run Kaesong industrial complex - CNN ::

Michele Fiore, the gun-toting, calendar-posing politician who negotiated the Ore. occupiers' surrender - Washington Post ::

NATO Warships Ordered to Aegean to Help With Migrant Crisis - New York Times ::

Russia Proposes March Truce In Syria, But No Agreement Has Been Reached - Huffington Post ::

Clinton Reassesses Campaign With Thursday Debate Next Test - Bloomberg ::

Fargo police say officer shot during standoff won't survive - ::

​Cleveland to Tamir Rice estate: Kindly pay $500 ambulance bill - CBS News ::

Auschwitz guard, 94, on trial for killing of 170K Jews - CBS News ::

Babies' eye damage and Zika? Brazil study suggests a link - Fox News ::

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