Thursday, February 11, 2016

11-Feb-2016 22:18

NATO launches sea mission against migrant traffickers - Reuters ::

Drug cartel battle kills 52 in northeastern Mexican prison - Reuters ::

Scientists detect gravitational waves, space-time ripples that Einstein predicted 100 years ago - Los Angeles Times ::

'Insult to Homicide': Cleveland Sues Tamir Rice's Family for Ambulance Fees - The Atlantic ::

5 Arrested in Connection With East Village Gas Explosion - New York Times ::

94-year-old standing trial for 170000 Auschwitz deaths - ::

Gloom at Syria talks as Russia backs government advance - Reuters ::

Donald Trump and Univision settle lawsuit over Miss Universe pageant - Los Angeles Times ::

Final Oregon occupier surrenders to authorities, ending the refuge siege - Washington Post ::

Plane lands in Los Angeles after declaring emergency - CBS News ::

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