Thursday, February 11, 2016

12-Feb-2016 02:22

Cosmic breakthrough: Physicists detect gravitational waves from violent black-hole merger - Washington Post ::

49 dead in riot at Mexico's Topo Chico prison - CNN ::

Hillary Clinton Faces Bernie Sanders In Wisconsin Debate - Huffington Post ::

Martin Shkreli offers $10M for Kanye's new album - USA TODAY ::

Brazil says a third adult has died of Zika - Washington Post ::

US, Russia and other powers agree on 'cessation of hostilities' in Syria's civil war - Washington Post ::

Akai Gurley shooting: Jury reaches verdict - CNN ::

Cleveland bills Tamir Rice's family for ambulance ride after cop shot him - CNN ::

UPDATE 1-California utility 'temporarily controls' leaking gas flow - Reuters ::

Final Oregon occupiers surrender to authorities, ending the refuge siege - Washington Post ::

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