Wednesday, August 29, 2012

29-Aug-2012 12:15

Democratic Scouts Head To Tampa To Get Closer Look At Mitt Romney - The Onion (satire) ::,29350/

The Most Mystifyingly Popular Item at the RNC Romney/Ryan Store in Tampa - Vanity Fair ::

'Hopefully they've got it out of their system' - Washington Post (blog) ::

2012 Conventions live blog - CNN (blog) ::

What to watch for at the GOP convention Wednesday - The Associated Press ::

Ryan to use VP speech to introduce himself as man with immigrant roots, small ... - Washington Post ::

Ukraine court throws out Tymoshenko appeal - Reuters ::

UN chief Ki-moon arrives in Tehran for NAM summit - Jerusalem Post ::

Hurricane Isaac pounds Louisiana on anniversary of Katrina - Fox News ::

26/11 Mumbai terror attacks: Supreme Court upholds death sentence for Ajmal Kasab - Times of India ::

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