Thursday, August 30, 2012

30-Aug-2012 12:39

President Obama's Reddit AMA Answers Tackle NASA, SOPA and Beer - Hollywood Reporter ::

At RNC, high hopes, scant patience for ACA repeal - Politico ::

Why Virginia is So Important to Romney and Obama - The Wall Street Journal Digital Network ::

Wisconsin residents cheer on 'Paul' as Ryan accepts spot on ticket - Chicago Sun-Times ::

Police: 100-year-old driver hits 11 near LA school - Fox News ::

Egypt condemns 'oppressive' Syria sparking walkout - BBC News ::

Isaac moves north after drenching US Gulf, New Orleans - Reuters ::

Five things to watch today at GOP convention - USA TODAY ::

Five Australian troops killed in Afghanistan as insider attacks continue - Washington Post ::

Vote by not voting - Daytona Beach News-Journal ::

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