Thursday, August 30, 2012

31-Aug-2012 07:58

Reporter finds Southern kindness while covering Hurricane Isaac - ::

RNC 2012: Church Member Says Mitt Romney Devotes Life to 'Quietly Serving Others' - ABC News ::

Assessing the digital campaign: Obama vs. Romney - ::

10 biggest applause lines from Mitt Romney's RNC speech - msnNOW ::

Ex-Navy SEAL who wrote Bin Laden book gets warning from Pentagon - Los Angeles Times ::,0,6716930.story

Final protest march at Republican National Convention features Mitt Romney effigy - WTSP 10 News ::

Did Clint Eastwood lose the plot at Romney's convention? - Reuters ::

Dean Street Resident to Help Introduce Romney to RNC, Nation - ::

Voter ID kicks in with state primaries Sept. 11 - ::

Neocons carry Bush's banner - Salon ::

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