Wednesday, August 29, 2012

29-Aug-2012 15:18

David Brooks: Everyone Misunderstood My Awesome Romney Take-Down Column, OK? - Gothamist ::

Afghanistan: Karzai dismisses intelligence chief - San Jose Mercury News ::

Assad appears on state-run TV, says 'time is needed' to win war - Fox News ::

Osama was unarmed, almost dead, when 'killed', says book - New York Daily News ::

Ann Romney praises Mitt: The 'man America needs' (+video) - Christian Science Monitor ::

Turkey urges UN to protect refugees inside Syria - Reuters UK ::

How will Christie lay out the party's vision? - ::

Hurricane Isaac Moves Into Louisiana - Wall Street Journal ::

Amsterdam airport part closed by WWII bomb scare - Reuters ::

Mitt Romney's VP candidate, Paul Ryan, focuses on personal side - Newsday ::

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