Thursday, August 30, 2012

30-Aug-2012 22:49

At RNC, high hopes, scant patience for ACA repeal - Politico ::

High stakes for Mitt Romney in tonight's convention speech - Los Angeles Times ::,0,4649669.story

Can you "Like" a candidate enough to vote? - CNN (blog) ::

US court rejects Texas voter ID law - USA TODAY ::

Isaac triggers more evacuations after soaking New Orleans - Reuters ::

At Republican National Convention, Romney's Digital Director Hints At New App - techPresident ::

IAEA: Iran doubled nuclear capacity in 'major expansion' - Jerusalem Post ::

GOP convention to provide closer look at Romney's Mormonism on the nominee's ... - Washington Post ::

Markets Hub: GOP Courts the Female Vote - Wall Street Journal (blog) ::

Neocons carry Bush's banner - Salon ::

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