Wednesday, August 29, 2012

30-Aug-2012 03:30

Obama talks beer, money, and war in online chat session - Reuters ::

Syria Needs 'Time' in Battle, Assad Says - New York Times ::

Car crashes into group of parents, children outside LA elementary school; 8 ... - Washington Post ::

Paul Ryan to Pledge 12M Jobs in 4 Years - ABC News ::

Ryan's night in convention spotlight: Says Romney 'will not duck' nation's ... - Washington Post ::

Afghan in army uniform 'kills three Nato soldiers' - BBC News ::

SEAL's book raises questions about bin Laden's shooting - Austin American-Statesman ::

Hurricane Isaac Drenches Coast, Trapping Scores - New York Times ::

RNC Diary: Ace Buzzkillington, Reporting - Daily Beast ::

Romney's 'Consigliere' Knows How He Thinks - National Journal ::

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