Sunday, January 10, 2016

10-Jan-2016 21:42

Clinton says she did not get classified information through email - Reuters ::

Police investigating mysterious death of an American woman in Italy - Los Angeles Times ::

Hospital Aided by Doctors Without Borders Is Bombed in Yemen - New York Times ::

Donald Trump Hammers Away At Ted Cruz's Citizenship - Huffington Post ::

A look at the 10 highest US lottery jackpots - Fox News ::

Meet the Special Guests for President Obama's Final State of the Union Address - ABC News ::

White House questions Sean Penn role in drug kingpin case - Los Angeles Times ::

Police search for man who fatally shot train passenger - Fox News ::

Trump on North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un: 'You Gotta Give Him Credit' - ABC News ::

Call for Supplies as Oregon Standoff Enters Second Week - ABC News ::

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