Friday, January 22, 2016

22-Jan-2016 15:19

In Word and Deed, Christie's Ambitions Shrink at Home Amid White House Bid - New York Times ::

Defamation suit against Bill Cosby is tossed - ::

Shabab Stage Deadly Attack on Beachfront Restaurant in Mogadishu - New York Times ::

Kerry Says Governmental Corruption Fuels Extremism - New York Times ::

Tunisia Imposes Nationwide Curfew Amid Spreading Unrest - ABC News ::

North Korea arrests American student for 'hostile act,' state media says - CNN ::

Standing Athwart History Yelling, 'Stop Donald Trump!' - The Atlantic ::

GE Reports Strong Quarterly Profit but Sales Are Below Forecasts - New York Times ::

Snowstorm threatens Northeast with blizzard, Mid-Atlantic with ice - CNN ::

At least 42 migrants drown as boats capsize off Greek islands - Reuters ::

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