Sunday, January 24, 2016

24-Jan-2016 10:01

New York, New Jersey slammed by massive winter storm - CBS News ::

Stranded Motorist Kills Man Trying to Help Him, Sheriff Says - New York Times ::

13 Tourists Killed After Boat Capsizes Off Nicaragua - New York Times ::

Duquesne basketball team's journey through blizzard ends - ESPN ::

'Technicalities Take Time,' Says French President Francois Hollande On Rafale Deal - NDTV ::

Kerry vows multinational group will press for Syrian peace talks to succeed - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette ::

Snowzilla, biggest snow on record in Baltimore, top 5 in DC, has ended - Washington Post ::

'Camp Cruz': Volunteers set aside lives in other states to help candidate's Iowa push - Los Angeles Times ::

3 men with violent charges escape Calif. jail - The Denver Post ::

Michael Bloomberg may launch independent US presidential bid - source - Reuters ::

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