Wednesday, January 27, 2016

27-Jan-2016 20:22

Here's this year's (flawed) Corruption Perception Index. Those flaws are useful. - Washington Post ::

The Daily 202: Nebraska freshman Ben Sasse emerges as a leader of the Stop Trump movement - Washington Post ::

Flint, Michigan: Did race and poverty factor into water crisis? - CNN ::

Washington boy suffers brain bleed after attempting 'Duct Tape Challenge' - Fox News ::

Carolina Panthers win Super Bowl 50... according to Tecmo Bowl simulation - New York Daily News ::

Pardon Plea by Adolf Eichmann, Nazi War Criminal, Is Made Public - New York Times ::

Experts: USA needs to prepare now for Zika virus - USA TODAY ::

A computer beat a champion of the strategy game Go for the first time - Mashable ::

Federal agents block off occupied Oregon refuge after leaders arrested, one killed in shootout - Washington Post ::

Obama, Sanders talk foreign policy, economy — and politics - Washington Post ::

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