Monday, February 1, 2016

02-Feb-2016 03:27

Peyton Manning's clear imprint on the NFL - ESPN ::

Mother hears son's heart beat inside 4-year-old girl's chest - CBS News ::

Near Virginia Tech, a 13-year-old's online fantasies turn fatal - Washington Post ::

Exclusive: Brazil says Zika virus outbreak worse than believed - Reuters ::

Another Top Chef's Suicide Puts Macho Kitchen Culture Under Scrutiny - BuzzFeed News ::

Alphabet, Google's Parent Company, Grows Briskly to Close in on Apple - New York Times ::

Train Operator in Deadly Amtrak Derailment Recalls Thinking 'This is It,' Documents Say - ABC News ::

San Francisco police face US Justice Department review - Washington Post ::

Miami-Dade police officer stopped by civilian for speeding is identified - Fox News Latino ::

Large crowds, including Trump, show up for Iowa caucuses - Washington Post ::

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