Monday, February 1, 2016

02-Feb-2016 04:28

Exclusive: Brazil says Zika virus outbreak worse than believed - Reuters ::

Police Say Chicago Homicides Climbed Dramatically in January - ABC News ::

Mother Hears Late Son's Heartbeat in Transplant Recipient - TIME ::

Alphabet, Google's Parent Company, Grows Briskly to Close in on Apple - New York Times ::

Concerns Over Social Media Link to Virginia Girl's Killing - New York Times ::

Peyton Manning says he's 'just trying to stay in the moment' - ESPN ::

San Francisco Will Have US Review Police Tactics - New York Times ::

Carson blasts separation of church and state; announces short break from campaign trail - Washington Times ::

Engineer in Philadelphia Amtrak derailment has only a 'dreamlike' memory of the crash - Los Angeles Times ::

Both parties show tight races in Iowa as caucus results come in - Washington Post ::

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